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Loft Cooking Class Details Muskoka Brewery - Giving Thanks with Beer

Allow Chef Jim Comishen and Muskoka Brewery to open your eyes to the world of beer and food pairings. Experience different styles of craft beer and their unique flavour profiles through a guided tasting. Explore how various foods and dishes enhance and complement these beers. The perfect party trick! Sign up to learn how to impress your guests this Thanksgiving and serve up some amazing brews and bites. The menu tonight is Muskoka Craft Lager Roasted Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Muskoka Detour Ale Cranberry Sauce, Muskoka Cream Ale Braised Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Garlic Mash Potatoes, and Muskoka Harvest Ale Sweet Potato Pie Tarts with Whip Cream and Caramel.

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